Zcash Art
Zcash Art

Abstract Acrylic

We are the zec.art team, proud of what we have created so far. We create and share artwork that is inspired by Zcash with the world.

Abstract Artwork

zec.art has created unique abstract pieces which are published and traded as digital assets bolted on the blockchain. These pieces can be bought, sold or transferred like any other digital asset.

I am a Zcash enthusiast and have always wanted to see art being created about it. So, I created a website to collect and display such art work.


Starting in spring 2023, the zcash exhibition tour will take you on a journey around the world. Meet up with fellow zcash advocates, along with our beautiful machine, zec.art. The tour will visit the following cities: Washington DC, New York City, Berlin, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, San Francisco and London.
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