A Zec Story.

Zec is life..

Zcash Art is a website dedicated to zcash art. It showcases artists who are enthousiastic about the digital cryptocurrency for strong encryption. The site supports digital payments with $Zec

From the first minute I read about zcash I knew that this cryptocurrency is different. Deliberately unique and natural, one can see in these portraits the beauty of these exotic flowers. The process of their creation was interesting and not easy: every picture was made from scratch, from an initial pencil sketch to the final digital image with the help of photo manipulation software. Courageous and contemplative. Daring and benevolent. Whatever words you choose, they can’t help but describe someone who makes payments in private. With zec.art, it’s possible for users to send zcash tip with a customized art payment. zec.art is going to be developed as an online platform ,and anyone can upload their own portrait artwork through it

Zcash Art
Zcash Art
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